Press Release - Always Extra with Aelbers
Updated on: 30 Sep. 2020

Press Release - Always Extra with Aelbers

A new logo for an old acquaintance.

Aelbers Personeel, the perfect partner for flexible staff in the construction industry, is now called Aelbers. Aelbers is using this name change to introduce a new corporate identity, whilst also launching a new service: the mediation of freelancers in construction. The all new Aelbers is thereby interpreting their view of the Dutch construction industry: flexible, fresh, timeless and proud of what they’re realising.

Aelbers has been resolving personnel issues since 1997. They are now a well-known player in the construction world and are able to source staff for every construction phase. From administrative staff and construction workers to contractors. As long as they are involved and professional.


New corporate identity

It goes without saying the introduction of a new name should go hand in hand with a new corporate identity. As a member of the Flexfamily, the group’s distinctive orange fingerprint has been incorporated in Aelbers’ new logo. “This shows Aelbers’ specific DNA”, Peter indicates. Every company is unique and has its own character within Flexfamily. And that’s no different at Aelbers. “We have a very diverse team which always goes the extra mile and is truly committed. We demonstrate that we do more than is expected of us with the orange AE initials, which stand for Always Extra.” The new corporate identity has made Aelbers fresh, innovative and striking!

Dynamic and fresh website

The company with roots in the Achterhoek has always been down to earth and modest. “But we can certainly be a bit more proud of what we do”. That’s why the website has been given a make-over, which will allow visitors to truly experience the Aelbers culture. The website shows atmospheric images of the employees, the projects and the company. “It’s more than just an informative tool. It shows who we are and what we stand for.”

Experience Aelbers

Aelbers doesn’t simply send employees off to work on projects. Aelbers personally guides them throughout their careers and always with a specific focus on increasing their safety awareness. They make sure staff have all the required diplomas, but they also provide Dutch language courses and a personal development plan. “This allows us to train starters into true professionals. We look at the employee’s character traits, we link him to a suitable client and subsequently prepare a suitable plan. That’s the experience we provide our employees with.”

Always extra

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