Making sure you feel at home in the Netherlands.
Comfortable housing:

Making sure you feel at home in the Netherlands.

Good working conditions are important. But comfortable accommodation is just as important. We will provide you with accommodation which meets strict requirements. This means you’ll always be guaranteed a lovely place to call home.


A look around the house

We have various different accommodation options throughout the country, as you can work on projects across the Netherlands. Our accommodation includes private homes, recreational bungalows within holiday parks or apartments within a complex. We will try to accommodate you with colleagues who work at the same construction site as you as much as possible, making sure you can travel into work together. Your bedroom? This is exclusively for you.

Our housing is always up to the standards of the SNF and we have the certificate to proof it.

Our values:

What can we do for you?

Whichever project it concerns: we will provide you with a great job on a challenging project within the Dutch construction sector. But we’ll do more than that.