Job security
Our values:

Job security

Always know where you stand.

Working at Aelbers means security. We look after our employees. We do this by personally guiding you from the very first contact and subsequently throughout your entire career at Aelbers. You can trust us to always have your best interest at heart. Our many years of experience means we know all the ins and outs of the Dutch construction industry.

We guarantee your salary will always be paid on time and that social insurance contributions are paid. We also organise your health insurance and provide you with any assistance if you’re in need of medical assistance.

Improving your strenghts

Everyone should be allowed to do whatever they’re good at. That’s what we believe in at Aelbers. This allows us to always create the very best teams for our projects. And we enjoy thinking along with you as collaboration partners, making sure you can carry out your activities as efficiently and effectively as possible while improving your skills.
Improving your strenghts

Our certificates

We do things the right way and comply with all applicable regulations. We are affiliated with various different authorities for this purpose and have the certificates to prove it.

ABU - Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies

Aelbers is a member of the Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (ABU): the trade association which represents the interests of employment agencies and their employees. ABU members stand for quality and good employment practices. You will certainly benefit from this as an employee, as it will assure you of a good CLA. Learn more about what ABU can do for you here

Temporary Employment Agencies Health & Safety Checklist (VCU)

We think it’s of the utmost importance that our employees can work in healthy & safe conditions and that our clients make this possible. That’s why we have been in possession of the VCU certificate since 2004.

Labour Standards Foundation (SNA) 

The Labour Standards Foundation (SNA) quality mark is the ultimate certification for the temporary employment industry, which tests whether a temporary employment agency meets its obligations. The SNA quality mark sets high standards for employment agencies and thereby limits any possible risks for both clients & employees. Aelbers has been NEN4400-1 certified since 2007.

Flexible Living Standards Foundation (SNF)

Good & comfortable accommodation is important for your health. The Flexible Living Standards Foundation (SNF) is an independent institution which annually assesses our accommodation on various aspects. This includes safety & hygiene, sanitary facilities and living space. Aelbers has this quality mark and is SNF registered. This allows us to guarantee good accommodation in the Netherlands. 

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Our values:

What can we do for you?

Whichever project it concerns: we will provide you with a great job on a challenging project within the Dutch construction sector. But we’ll do more than that.